Anugerah Kecemerlangan Inovasi Kejuruteraan 2024

Engineering Innovation Excellence Award 2024

This prestigious award aims to honor Malaysian organizations that have significantly contributed to the advancement of engineering in Malaysia through innovative and new technological product in engineering. Nominees must be registered Malaysian organizations, and their commercialized products should showcase originality, creativity, and innovation while contributing positively to the general public, society, or the country, with a focus on sustainability (environment, safety, and health). The engineering innovations and new technologies must have been developed or completed within the past five years. This award places a strong emphasis on sustainability, ensuring that honored organizations not only innovate but also prioritize environmental, safety, and health considerations in their engineering practice or products.

Opening Date : 15th April 2024

Closing Date : 14th June 2024

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Criteria of the Award

  • A Malaysian
  • Team leader must be a Malaysian (advantage to Registered person with BEM)
    1. (a) No disciplinary action with BEM
    2. (b) No criminal record
  • Must be current or completed within the last 5 years.
  • Innovative engineering practice/product
  • Successfully implemented/ commercialised product
  • Contribution to general public/society/country
  • Contribution to sustainability (Environment, Safety & Health)
  • Received awards and recognition

**Basis for nomination


Nomination of Award

  • Engineering organisations such as government agencies, GLCs, associations, IHLs, ECPs and engineering companies may nominate their nominees for consideration.
  • All nominations must have a proposer and a team leader for each of the nominations.
  • Only one (1) nomination per organisation is allowed.
  • Nominations of nominees must include complete company's profile and team leader's biodata and supporting documents that meet each criteria.
  • Nomination form must be signed by Proposer and Team Leader.



  • A Malaysian company
  • Team Leader is a Malaysian citizen
  • No criminal record


Process of Application

**Fill in the online form completely and upload the supporting documents (proof/evidence) together with Company Profile and Team Leader’s Biodata through the provided link.

**Submit a scanned copy of the duly completed and signed nomination form in the respective link.

**BEM will send an email to notify receipt of nominations.

**BEM will reject incomplete nominations.

**Award Winner will be notified by BEM before the award ceremony.

**Announcement and conferment of the awards will be made at the BEM Convention 2024 in October 2024.

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