BEM-ECP Safety, Health and Environmental Excellence Award (BESHEXA)

BEM - ECP Safety, Health and Environmental Excellence Award (BESHEXA) is a bi-annual award presented to ECP members in Malaysia with proven Safety & Health and Environmental (SHE) performance. The audited ECPs are subject to rigorous document and site verification audits by a panel of qualified and dedicated auditor judges to be considered by the BESHEXA committee based on their ability and competence for their respective awards. The BESHEXA Program begin in 2022. The award was introduced to recognize ECP organizations that proactively participate, practice and improve SHE performance in service delivery as well as their consistency, diligence and resilience in their SHE practices in the workplace. This BESHEXA is also an aspiration towards achieving safety, health and environmental in the ECP organization by complying with the Safety and Health Management System - ISO 45001: 2018 and the Environmental Management System - ISO 14001: 2015.

Opening Date : 15th April 2024

Closing Date : 31st May 2024

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Criteria of the Award

  • Registered as an Engineering Consultancy Practice (ECP) with BEM
  • Practice SHE in the office and take into account in service delivery
  • Have a SHE committee in the workplace


Nomination of Award

  • Engineering Consultancy Practice (ECP) registered with BEM
  • All nominations must be submitted by a person in charge (e.g Director, HR Manager, relevant officer)
  • Nominations must include company's profile and Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Report according to evaluation criteria including the evidence, supporting documents or picture (proof/evidence) to support the basis of participation.
  • Nomination form must be signed by the person in charge.



  • Registered as an Engineering Consulting Practice (ECP)
  • Practice SHE in the office and take into account in service delivery
  • Have a SHE committee in the workplace


Process of Application

**Fill in the online form completely and upload the supporting documents (proof/evidence) together with Company Profile and Team Leader’s Biodata through the provided link.

**Submit a scanned copy of the duly completed and signed nomination form in the respective link.

**BEM will send an email to notify receipt of nominations.

**BEM will reject incomplete nominations.

**Award Winner will be notified by BEM before the award ceremony.

**Announcement and conferment of the awards will be made at the BEM Convention 2024 in October 2024.

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